Guest Bloggers

Paul V. JohnsonPaul V. Johnson has developed a life-long specialty in grief education and support in funeral home and hospice environments. Nationally recognized for his work, he is also a university professor in St. Paul, MN.

Andrea S. Gould, Ph.D.Andrea S. Gould, Ph.D., a psychologist with a lifelong practice in New York, coaches clients through life transitions while tending to her own, applying the lessons of each to the other. She works with clients remotely through the grace of technology, living most seasons in Tucson, Arizona. She is the author of “The Virgin Widow.”

One thought on “Guest Bloggers

  1. I really appreciated this validation about “double living” as I have committed to carrying on the legacy of my beloved husband’s significant authorship on grief and transformative loss. after . This is not really talked about and only after two years do I now try to pull my professional life back together on a new path while also carrying on his legacy. Somehow it seems to help my orphan soul.


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