Willing to Let Go: A PhotoThought

Willing to Let Go: A PhotoThought
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Depending upon where you are on your journey through grief, you may have varying responses to this quotation by E. M. Forster, the English writer.

You may respond, “What Forster says is true. I’ve learned that as I’ve grieved, as I’ve dared to complete those acts of letting go when the time felt right.”

You may be thinking, “I am coming to see that Forster’s point has its merits. Perhaps now is the time for me to consider this for my own life, much as I don’t want to.”

Alternatively, you may be having this response: “I am not ready to let go of the life I’ve loved so much. In fact, I may never let it go. I don’t even want to consider it right now.”

You have your own reasons for whatever you’re thinking and feeling. Any of these responses can be perfectly understandable, given your life situation, your personality, grief’s timing, and a host of other factors. Proceed at your own pace as you grieve. While you’ll do well to eventually come ’round to Forster’s advice, you’ll do best when you follow your own heart, your own rhythm, and your own life plan. Any letting go is a very personal decision. Yet know this: whatever you choose to do and whenever you choose to do it, there is always a life waiting for you.

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